What contributes to "poor" posture? "Poor" posture is defined as when our spine is placed in unnatural positions which results in joints, muscles, and the spine being in stressful positions. "Poor" posture can be caused by muscle imbalances, muscle weakness, core instability, injuries, and even by the shoes you wear!

-Pain (lower back, shoulders, neck)
-Muscle fatigue
-Rounded shoulders
-Forward head posture
-Visible symptoms (stronger wear on one shoe)

How this program can help:
-Assessment - assessed in various positions and views (anterior, posterior, lateral, standing, sitting) to be as accurate as possible

-Identify - identify any deviations by observing the body through the assessment

-Prevent - prevent repetitive strain injuries by using better mechanics

-Treatment - participating in a 6 week program that helps with correcting bad posture

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Welcome to our clinic

Salius Rehab has been serving the lower mainland for over 6 years, providing a wide range of physiotherapy services. Our highly trained and specialized therapists are experts in treating and preventing injuries with the use of manual therapy, modalities as well as individualized exercise programs.

Salius is home to the very First Osteopathic Manual Therapy clinic in Delta BC. Salius Physiotherapy provides care in a multitude of settings with the perfect balance of private clinic rooms in our Surrey/Delta clinic on Scott Rd and 75th Ave, as well as interactive and energetic gym facility for exercise programs in many fitness facilities.

Sushil Singla

Physical Therapist & Medical Doctor

Sushil founded Salius Rehab Inc. in 2009 with a strong focus on the wellbeing of the clients he cared for.

Sumen Singla-Goyal

Physio & Osteopathic Therapist

Sumen Singla-Goyal has been actively practicing in the lower mainland for almost 15 years. She focusses her practice on combined Osteopathy and Physiotherapy along with acupuncture.

Sonia Singla


From a young age, Sonia has been an active athlete and interested in how the human body works.

Nimrat Kaur


Nimrat is an energetic Physiotherapist and member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. She is an integral part of the clinic and passionate about maximizing her patients' outcomes.

The journey to recovery begins at Salius

"Injured in a motor vehicle accident or at work don't worry our staff is very comfortable and confident in managing your claim. We support you through the process from start to end, so all you need to do is focus on your recovery. Our clinic offers various programs that are suited to meet the needs of any Injury. At Salius each patient is unique and their treatment plan is too."

At Salius Rehab, getting back on your feet and returning to normal living is a positive experience. Our therapists are highly skilled, confident and enthusiastic. We believe in our ability to help you or your loved one make a successful transition back to everyday life quickly and smoothly with an above average rate of return to the communiity.

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