Therapeutic Exercise

At Salius Rehab we provide our clients with the most advanced and research-based therapeutic exercise programs available.

Our Therapists are regularly updating themselves with research and continuing medical education to stay abreast of what can help our elders get the most out of a therapy session. All Therapists are Osteofit certified and take part in extensive training in falls prevention and non-violent crisis intervention. Salius also uses the latest exercise equipment customized for aging clients and wheelchair-bound individuals.

Occupational Therapy

Salius' Occupational Therapists are registered and qualified to provide our clients with comprehensive assessments and treatments.

Our OT's go beyond basic equipment and wheelchair prescriptions. They play an intricate role in adapting to the changing environments our aging populations face. From assistive devices to manual and power wheelchairs, our OT's have a gambit of tools that can aid clients in living a more interactive and meaningful life.


Physiotherapy for the elderly goes beyond exercise prescription.

Physiotherapists can help reduce and eliminate pain, improve mobility and flexibility and prevent injury by means of their many manual therapeutic techniques, electrotherapy modalities and the use of heat and cold modalities. Salius Rehab's Physiotherapists do not take a passive behind-the-desk approach to our clients. They are considered front line staff who actively participate in client wellbeing and care.

Massage Therapy

Salius Rehab will soon be incorporating Massage Therapy to their elder care profile.

After popular demand and detailed research into the benefits of therapeutic massage we will be begin a pilot project in the near future, offering Mobile Massage services.

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