Physiotherapy is a comprehensive approach to preventing, treating , and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Physiotherapy is a critical component in the treatment and rehabilitation of any musculoskeletal injury. Our Physiotherapists in Surrey and Physiotherapists in Delta will conduct a detailed assessment to determine the root cause of your problem and then give you an evidence based treatment plan. Salius Physiotherapists are keen in helping you reach your highest potential and work with you every step of the way through your recovery process. We believe in empowering you with Independence. 

Just like it is important to have a family doctor who oversees your care.

Salius Physiotherapy believes it is equally important to have a physiotherapist as part of your health care team to guide and educate you to live a healthier lifestyle. Our Physiotherapy Clinic in Surrey and Physiotherapy clinic in Delta have a wide range of tools to get you back to living a pain free lifestyle. Painful joints and muscles are commonly treated by our physiotherapists in Surrey and Delta.

Common Conditions Physiotherapy may help: 

  • Car Accident Recovery/ Whiplash 

  • Concussions
  • Work related Injuries

  • Neck pain

  • Back pain

  • Headaches

  • Tendonitis

  • Ligament Injury

  • Dizziness/ Vertigo 

Physiotherapy has been proven to be first line treatment for almost all musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Not sure if Physiotherapy is right for you, book a free consultation now and ask us how we can help. Your health is our success!

Physiotherapy is a combination of Manual therapy, electrotherapy, taping, mobilisation, acupunture, Intramuscular stimulation, and exercise, your physiotherapist will help decide what is right for you based on your assessment. 

We Direct Bill so you can focus on your recovery while we take of the rest. We can navigate your extended health benefits for you. 

We have multiple locations to serve you, but if you can't come to us, we will come to you with Mobile Physiotherapy. Our top rated physiotherapists in Surrey, or Physiotherapist in Delta are ready to support you. 


Did you know that there have been some major changes at ICBC. Starting April 1 st a new care model will be implemented. Salius is always ahead of the game and we are fully registered and taking ICBC clients. We provide the highest level of care to better our patients.

Fault or no fault your recovery is our primary goal!
Call us and ask how we can help.

Worksafe BC

If you are unsure weather your claim will be accepted or not, do not hesitate to come in for a FREE assessment. That’s right if your Work Safe BC claim is denied you will NOT be charged for your physiotherapy visit. Were you injured at work? Our staff is very comfortable in dealing with WSBC. We will ensure you get the therapy you need to get back to your pre-injury state. It is our goal to help you get your life back.

Mobile Physiotherapy

“Can’t come to us, we will come to you!”

Some of our therapists are available for home visits to provide a large variety of services. Home visits are booked on an as needed bases and in conjunction with ICBC, Work Safe BC as well as on a private patient basis. Rates for this services are determined by Location, Duration of treatment and availability. Please call to find out if a therapist can come to your home to aid in your recovery.

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