Know our story

About us

Salius Rehab has been serving the lower mainland for over 6 years, providing a wide range of physiotherapy services. Our highly trained and specialized therapists are experts in treating and preventing injuries with the use of manual therapy, modalities as well as individualized exercise programs. Salius is home to the very First Osteopathic Manual Therapy clinic in Delta BC.

Salius Physiotherapy provides care in a multitude of settings with the perfect balance of private clinic rooms in our Surrey/Delta clinic on Scott Rd and 75th Ave,  as well as interactive and energetic gym facility for exercise programs in many fitness facilities. Our long term care devision also provided essential rehab needs to clients in care. With our rehabilitation programs, we have elevated rehabilitation and healing to a fine art. Our program offers cutting edge techniques and individualized care, ensuring the highest level of recovery that will enable you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. We do things differently to ensure you get the right care from the start.

Our Motto

Our motto is simple; Live Healthy. At Salius, we believe in providing leading edge, individualized services to ensure the highest level of care. Our staff is dedicated to facilitating recovery and helping you achieve your goals. Your health is our success.

Why Choose Us?

We provide exceptional quality care by a most compassionate and devoted staff. Many of our staff are bilingual, with translation services available at all times. The seniority of our staff assures the knowledge and experience necessary to care for you and gives you the peace of mind that the care given is consistent and professional.